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Well well, long time no posting. Altough this will be quite short, just wanted to shout out that my website, is now completely up and running, and with a fancy redesign and a very nice ajax comment system and other new features.

Please comment with any suggestions or feedback.

And yes, I'm aware it looks quite pink. It was intentional.
: not gay though.

And um... yeah that's it.


Some stuff!

2008-09-22 13:54:57 by Blaze

Hai guys.

Just wanted to inform that is up and running. Altough the design and the programming of the site itself is quite poor at the moment. I did all what you can see in about 2 days, because I needed to finish it for a web design contest (which I won, with such a poor design, you can imagine how the contestants were).

Also, I'm back in the flash scene. Whopeee! Working currently on a game... "Pugu and lolo" or whatever, more info on my blog [blazeyland]. Expect it around octobre-november ish.

Also, having some fun working in the Mindless collab. :B

Ahm, yeah. That's all. :D

Setting a hosting service with my brother too, not soon though. I will also be in charge of the software and system engineering and development in his company, and we'll start to promote the website design area, which i'll also be in charge of.

Cheers. :D

Blaze is like, back, 'yo.

2008-07-07 20:38:35 by Blaze

So here I am, and I kinda seem to be back...

Working with flash again, I can't promise any sweet projects anytime soon though, so I won't even say what my main idea is now ;D

But yesh, good ol' Blazey is back. Safe and sound from the real world. :D

Graduating this year too...

Also, getting in a few days, since I kinda ... lost D: